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Outside (Staind)

Eb Db F# Asm Eb Db F# Asm When you bring me to my knee again All this time that I can beg you please in vain All the times that I felt insecure for you And I leave mz burdens at the door Eb I'm on the outside F# I'm looking in Db I can see through you G# major See your true colors Eb Inside your ugly F# Your ugly like me Db I can see through you G# major See you the real you Eb Db F# Asm (2x) All this time that I felt like this won't end, was for you And I taste but I could never have, its from you All those times that I tried, my intention, full of pride And I waste more time than anyone Eb Db F# Asm (2x) All the times that I've cried, all this wasted it's all inside And I feel all this pain stuffed it down it's back again And I lie here in bed all alone I can't mend But I feel tomorrow will be okay, but I know