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Baby Joined the Army (Ry Cooder)

Lt was on a Friday evening wasn't nobody 'round I was sitting by my window watching the sun go down My baby came up to me saying daddy I got news for you I have been recruited and there ain't nothing you can do Cause I can 't stand sitting , round this crazy town no more Not since the little baby shot dead down on the second floor And what about that poor old lady crippled in a police raid They told me if I get killed in battle I still get paid When the train pulled out next morning I just stood and waived bye bye My baby joined the army wasn't nothing I could do but cry There was a time there was a dance that I used to do There was a dream that was working I had other plans for you His family and his pride is all a man like me has left Better watch your back better take care of yourself When the train pulled out next morning no precious child was left behind My baby joined the army, wasn't nothing I could do but cry Some day people will iook back and say That was a time when peace didn't declare But I won't be around watching the evening sun go down