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Cat and Mouse (Ry Cooder)

Well I had an Uncle Charley, back in my hometown Said, Don't take no mice to be your friend 'Cause they'll wait till you're asleep and steal your money and your food And rat you out when the police come around Later on I started travellin', seeing something of this world And I learned to know a thing or two Just because you've been told a story back in your hometown Don't have to mean that story's always true I remember it was winter and things were goin' bad It rained and it snowed all day long Nobody would feed me and I couldn't find no job In a factory or workin' on a farm I was laying in my suitcase and the snow was falling down I didn't know what I was gonna do When I heard a tiny voice out there in the dark Saying, Brother, can I come in there with you? Well right here in my bag I got some real good cheese And a crust of bread or two If you let me come in and get out of the snow I'll share what I got with you Don't take no mice to be your friend Was the rule Uncle Charley always told But the north wind kept howling and the snow kept blowin' down And I couldn't leave him out there in the cold Well he said his name was Lefty and he'd been traveling round The secrets of this world to share with you Mouse traps are set right-handed, get your cheese out from the left We are many, Buddy, they are few He said, They'll tell you lies to make you doubt your fellow man Like cats and mice just can't get along Well it suits the bosses, Buddy, and it serves them fine 'Cause it keeps us working folks from bein' strong There's a better world a coming, Buddy Which side are you on? Don't let the big men take it, Buddy Which side are you on? It's your country, too, Buddy Which side are you on? It's time to take a stand, Buddy Which side are you on? Play! Boy, it's a fact mice ain't no good -- Old Charley always said they'll treat you bad But I'm here to tell you people, and I want it understood Lefty is the truest friend I'd ever had