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Do Re Mi (Ry Cooder)

Lots of folks back east they say Leaving home most every day Beating the hot old dusty way To the California line 'Cross the desert sands they roll Getting out of that Old Dust Bowl Think, they're coming to a sugar bowl But here's what they find Police at the port of entry say You're number fourteen thousand for to day Hey, if you ain't got the Do Re Mi, boy If you ain't got the Do Re Mi Well, you better go back to beautiful Texas Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee California is the garden of Eden It's a paradise to live in or see But be live it or not You won't find it so hot If you ain't got the Do Re Mi You want to buy a home or a farm That can't do nobody harm Take your vacation by the mountains or sea Don't swap your old cow for a car You better stay right where you are Better take this little tip from me Well, I look through the want ads every day The headlines in the papers always say