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I Need a Woman (Ry Cooder)

It's been raining in my mouth all day Dripping down to my clothes My patience it is wearing thin Got a fire inside my nose Searching for the truth the way God designed it The truth is I might drown before I find it Well, I need a woman Yes, I do Need a woman Yes, I do Someone who can see me as I am Give the kind of love that don't have to be condemned And I want you to be that woman Every night Be that woman Treat me right I've had my eyes on you, baby For about five long years You probably don't know me at all But I've seen your laughter and I've seen your tears Now you don't frighten me I ain't no defendant And you look like it wouldn't hurt you none To have a man of understanding Well, I need a woman Oh, don't I Need a woman Bring it home safe at last I've seen you standing on the corner Seen you sitting down in the park Been watching you in the sunshine Walking with you in the dark And I want you to be that woman Treat me right Be that woman Every night Well, if you believe in something long enough You just naturally come to think it's true There ain't no wall you can't crossover Ain't no fire you can't walk through Well, believing is all right Just don't let the wrong people know what it's all about They might put the evil eye on you Use their hidden powers to try to turn you out Well, I need a woman Just to be my queen Need a woman Black, white, yellow, brown, blue or green Riding out with me at midnight Like two Spanish desperadoes Gazing down upon the futile world In her Cadillac Eldorado We will penetrate the storm In search of truth that has not been tested But she better bring along her checkbook Just in case we get arrested And I want you to be that woman