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I'm A Good Old Rebel (Ry Cooder)

Oh, I'm a good old Rebel Now that's just what I am For this fair land of freedom I do not care a damn. I'm glad I fought against it I only wish we'd won. And I don't want no pardon For anything I've done. I hates the Yankee nation And everything they do, I hates the Declaration Of Independence, too; I hates the glorious Union- 'Tis dripping with our blood- And I hates their striped banner, I fought it all I could. Three hundred thousand Yankees Stiffen in Southern dust We got three hundred thousand Before they conquered us They died of Southern fever And Southern steel and shot And I wish it was three million Instead of what we got. I won't be reconstructed I'm better now than then and for that carpetbagger I do not give a damn so I'm off for the frontier soon as I can go I'll prepare a weapon and start for Mexico