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Johnny Cash (Ry Cooder)

I was just a boy in school 1954 I heard Johnny singin' on my Sears radio I wouldn't do my schoolwork then nor join in schoolyard games I'd sit there by the radio so I could hear him sing Hey porter, hey porter would you tell me the time I want to get on board John I want to ride your train I don't care where you're goin' long as it ain't where I been There ain't nothin' in this little town that a boy like me can do So if you're goin' to Folsom Prison I want to go there too I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die I tried to learn the guitar blues to ease my troubled mind But Johnny kept a movin' and I kept wastin' time He was somewhere down Big River but all that I could see Was west Pico Boulevard and that's what tortured me And I followed you Big River when you called Johnny Cash will never die buddy can't you see He's up there with the Tennessee Two for all eternity But sometimes in the dark of night his voice still calls to me Hey porter hey porter was what I heard him say On my Sears and Roebuck radio Pasadena KXLA.