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My Dwarf Is Getting Tired (Ry Cooder)

A mobile home in Anaheim It's double-wide it's new, it's clean It's a friendly town I think it's time it's what we need We had a long run together a life you can't compare But the world is changing and it's getting strange out there Forty years of motel rooms cigarettes and magazines From Spokane clear down to Bakersfield You might have seen us on the highway so many times before But my dwarf is getting tired and my fat man just won't travel anymore Skinny-looking farmers brought their families down Looking for a fat time Had to work all day just to make them spend one thin dime Like hot dog contests man you could eat 'em Might raise a buck or two Boxing matches you couldn't beat 'em That midget kangaroo was a little too fast for you We came down here to say good by to an old-time friend of mine He died Inside his rubber suit out on the street of dreams lt was a hot July Sunday and he was working over time Cause the people like seeing Mickey walk by down in Anaheim Dwarves and fat men just might do the very best they can But they can't compare with Tomorrow Land it seems We had some real Western times together but it can't be like before Cause my dwarf is getting tired and my fat man just won't travel anymore No we won't be seen from Bakersfield clear up to Spokane anymore