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No Hard Feelings (Ry Cooder)

This land should have been om land You took it for your land You got a use for every stream and tree When I go up the highway old trees are dying up that way You pump out the water and sell it back to me You build mansions in the city prisons in Mojave Bet you're quite a pillar of high society You call it law and order I call it dirty money You lock the young ones down or send 'em off to war No hard feelings no offense taken You're just a ripple in the shifting sands of time No bad karma no curses on ya You go your way I'll go mine You remind me of a fellow I heard of in the city Nervous kind of fellow he loved money like you do He derived no satisfaction so he jumped clear out the window They tell me that he bounced a time or two So take in mind the credo of a jackass prospector Take what you need but please leave the rest alone Try and live harmony with old Mother Nature You'll remain in grace after you have gone Don't get many callers that little road leads nowhere Been here 40 years seems like yesterday There's an aId screech owl living in my chimney I don 't build no fires he keeps the mice away No hard feelings na offense taken You're just a murmur in the whispering sands of time No bad karma na curses on ya You go your way I'll go mine