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Steel Guitar Heaven (Ry Cooder)

I want to go to steel guitar heaven That's the only resting place for me I want to go to steel guitar Heaven There's a lot of swinging cats I been wanting to see Like Joaquin Murphy and Jimmy Day Shake hands with Speedy and shout hooray That's steel guitar heaven to me I heard about steel guitar heaven I'm going when I die I heard Paul Bixby's been waiting He's got something new that he wants me to try lt turns itself on and tells you a joke Lights you a drink and pours you a smoke Paul I don't think it's ready! That's steel guitar heaven to me Well, folks, I think the good Lord must love steel players, He's made so many of them Matter of fact, He's still trying. But the good Lord knows that the steel player's life on Earth isn't often easy, So He's set aside a little corner of Heaven, custom made, just for you. First thing you'll notice, there's always plenty of courteous free parking And don't it just seem like that old triple-neck ain't near as heavy as it used to be? Step inside, and you'll find the walls are covered in real knotty pine, And just take a gander at all that luxurious hi-lo shag, continuous filament, Nylon-pile, wall-to-wall carpeting. Our Lord chose green-and-gold, my personal favourite. The tables and chairs are upholstered in genuine naugahyde, and here our Lord chose red, I think it's appropriate. There's always a lot of cowboy carrying on up on the bandstand, and you're bound to hear some old familiar voices calling, man, look who's here, come on up and sit on in. It's C6th day again. You can't get fired up in Heaven Your union card's all paid There ain't no bosses up in heaven I heard Spade Cooley didn't make the grade Everybody's got a Story up in Heaven Some we all know well All steel players go to Heaven Some just go through hell But the Good Lord loves each and every one When your ragtime cowboy days are done Come up to steel guitar Heaven with me That's steel guitar Heaven to me.