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Strike! (Ry Cooder)

D G D I got off the train one evening in a little mining town E A I started walking up the main street when the sun was going down D G D When I heard some voices singing, so I went to see what for A D Might just be a birthday party, might be room for just one more It was miners and their families, they had left the mine that day Walked out for safe conditions, on strike for decent pay And they sang about their struggle, and their spirit never failed Keep your hand upon the dollar and your eye upon the scale G D A D Union miners stand together, heed no operator’s tale D G D A D Keep your hand upon the dollar and your eye upon the scale All at once police came running, they came running everywhere They broke up that miners’ meeting, carried everyone to jail But the miners kept on singing and they sang the whole night through When the sun rose in the morning I had learned that miners’ song The judge he asked to police captain, “What’s that red cat doing here?” “Get all the reds off the streets, sir, was your orders loud and clear.” They turned me out of the jailhouse back door, but I wouldn’t leave my miner friends, I jumped back to the jailhouse window and I sang that miners’ song again.