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Let It Burn (Bad Religion)

Let your mind wander, look beyond the shadows focus on the skyline, read the silhouettes your deepest desires are a picture of tomorrow all your darkest fears are just a vestige of regret and it's wo-oh oh oh it seems like such a long way to go as obstacles get bigger, prevailing winds blow stronger and the fire continues to grow don't let shallow water limit your perception heed the new horizon, muster to it fast the moments of your yesterdays are in the wake behind you you can't assess the future if you're living in the past keep it stoked! if you are committed to a life of understanding then there's no agenda for vengeance in your life sharpen all your senses, face the opposition you can overcome with fortitude and mental might the fire continues to grow, in your soul so be bold, let it grow don't let it die let it burn!