Sowing the Seeds of Utopia (Bad Religion)

We all know politicians only go Just half-way there Just half-way there The innocence of youth needs protection not abuse But no one seems to care Yet no one seems to care And you sit there adn watch the world go around From your pseudo-benevolent vantage point While we who've been left to pick up after you Try our best to make some sense for those who Come next Now what have you done to foster the truth Besides just hide hide the lies? Besides just hide hide the lies? A selfish campaign never justifies the gain But the means are verified Yeah the means are verified And you sit there and insist you are right From your popular psychological podium While those who rely and depend on you They wilt because you don't accept we need Each other Whule sowing the seeds of Utopia, You invoked a convenient amnesia You forgot how to care, you forgot how to provide, You forgot how to work toward a meaningful life