The Voracious March of Godliness (Bad Religion)

Since the start of the 17th century There's been the scent of unseasoned wood burning in the air And the conquest of nature meant nothing at all While we betray exception we take all that is there Motives are transcluent in the reflection of shame The actions ghostly remnants of our ancestral ways And unwittingly, you just take your place in this parade The voracious march of godliness makes us all the same anyway Since the dawn of our human family There's been concentrated sepsis blowing in the breeze And we turned on each other with ferocity Desperation, forced, without reprieve But the missions were misguided and the trammeled led astray The air resounds with thunder as the victors seized the day And the haunting voice of history lives ignored but not betrayed The voracious march of godliness will get us close to heaven one day