You Don't Belong (Bad Religion)

Hey you Is there something worth aspiring to And can it be found in a record store Well it's not there anymore Just think of all the things we did We were different Just like all the other kids Missy was a teen blue video star Tom took his life in his mother's car Milo went to college but you knew about that Rodney played our record GG started riots Laurie was always quiet She was battling depression Hey you Is there something worth belonging to And can I pick it up for a song Or a diploma or a worthy cause Well let me tell you that there's nothing wrong It's just that ones like us will never belong Jack wore a skirt but he knew how to scrap Billy went to county on a class one possession Wendy went to school while her daddy shot smack Eugene kept a list Mugger was security Mary she kept her purity We were all in it together Yellowed postcards on the wall Serve to cover up a blankness after all So I will carry them along Like a song when I'm gone yeah Hey you Is there something worth belonging to You know we've been here all along Like a confederacy of the wrong And I confess it could be prejudice But to you I dedicate this song Yeah to you