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Barbriallen (Simon & Garfunkel)

It was in the merry month of May When green bugs were a-swelling Sweet William on his death bed lay For the love of Barbriallen He sent his servant to the town The place where she'd been dwelling Say master dear has sent me here If your name be Barbriallen And slowly, slowly she got up And slowly she went to him And all she said when she got there Young man I think you are dying Oh, don't you remember the other day When we where in a tavern You drank your health to the ladies there And you slided Barbriallen He turned his face unto the wall He turned his back upon her Adieu, adieu to all my friends Be kind to Barbriallen She looked to the east, she looked to the west She saw his corpse a-coming Oh, put him down for me she cried That I may gaze upon him The more she looked, the more she grieved She bursted it out in crying Oh, pick me up and carry me home For I feel like I am dying They buried sweet Willy in the old church yard And Barbara in the new one From Willy's grave there grew a rose From Barbara's a green briar They grew and they grew on the old church wall And could not grow no higher And there they tied in a true love's knot The rose bush and the briar.