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Voices of Old People (Simon & Garfunkel)

Man 1: I got little in this world. I give honesty without regret. One hundred dollars for that picture. I remember taking a picture with... Woman 1: Ooh! Let me show you. Let me show you our picture. This was me and my husband when we were first married. Woman 2: I always slept on one side, left room for my husband. Woman 1: And that's me when we were sixteen. Woman 2: But this, this, this, this is not the case. I still do it. I still lay on the half of the bed. (pause) We used to sneak in... Man 2: Still haven't seen the doctor I was seein'; there's been blood for the last, eh, forty-eight hours, and I can't get up the mucus for the last, eh, two, three months... oh yes, and I maintain, I maintain strongly, to this minute, I don't think it's an ordinary cold. Woman 3: God forgive me, but an old person without money is pathetic. Woman 4: Children, and mothers, that's the way we have it. A mother-- they are [mumbling I can't make out]. Woman 5: 'Cause mothers do too much. Woman 4: That is mother's life, to live for your child. (pause) Yes, my dear. Man 3: I couldn't get younger. I have to be an old man. That's all. Well... Woman 6: Are you happy here, honey? Are you happy living with us? Man 3: So anytime I walk with Lou and... that's all. Woman 6: Mr. Singer? Are you happy living with us here? Woman 7: But we don't do that, dear. Woman 6: But are you happy? Woman 7: If you mean, if, if you could say, yes, and I thought, and I was so happy, and everybody, "What is this? What is it?" Woman 8: It just is, beautiful. Like, just a room. Your own room, in your own home.