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Turn the Other Way (Avenged Sevenfold)

Slit my wrists, take away the pain. Slit my throat, there's no one to blame. Lost in the fields of confusion. Restless nights, they're not far away. Away, what. I came here for something and I'm not turning back. Strong piece of mind but you still hold my keys. Keeping my fate deep within your threshold. Petty inconvenience but it means the world to me. You hold the power. To set me free. Caught in your grasp, how? Just let me be. Give me control out. Out of these depths. A fiery hell. I pray for death. I've been the wrong one time and time again. Now I'm on my knees forgive me please. Tore out my heart, handed to me on a silver platter. Sew up the hole, emptiness in the place of compassion. You made me this way. I am the product of your creation. Sew up the hole, right now, Now you turn the other way. You've turned away from me, The future's much to far away to see. I hope you learn the truth, not the way things were meant to be with me and you.