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Bio (Berry Chuck)

(Spoken:) Lord have mercy, got to tell it, tell it just like it is, every word. Yeah! I was living in St. Louis In the year of nineteen fifty five Mama didn´t have no great mansion, Just a little old country dive. Papa worked all week long, Try to keep us six kids alive. So I hitch hiked to Chicago Just to hear Muddy Waters play I sat and listened to him sing Until the early hours of day I asked him what I could do to make it And it was he who showed me the way I went back home and wrote a song And made a record I could claim The little tune jumped on the charts And rode me right on up to fame It netted over ten thousand dollars And added glory to my name I was standing at the airport With my guitar in my hand And a first class ticket Destination movie land I will be in Hollywood, Mama Before the roosters crow again When I first started playing music Over sixteen years ago Every big town in the country From St. Francisco to Baltimore Trying to bring some happy hours Doing the only thing I know Can´t help it, but I love it Stand here, sing to you Brings back so many memories Many things we used to do ...will I see you here again Take care, good luck to you