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Bordeaux in My Pirough (Berry Chuck)

So long, Jean, got a little show, thanks for the Bordeaux I got to go, push my pirough way down the bayou They got a band up on the stand and a beautiful light show Au revoir, Jean, dig the show from up on the plateau In my pirough, with my Bordeaux, out on the bayou Creeping along, singing a song, see'est, see'est bon, bon Playing the music on my acoustic Spanish guitaro Having a duet with my coquette out on the bayou It's growing night, we've got no lights out on the bayou Beautiful trip, think we'll sip some of my Bordeaux Two more miles going wild to play my acoustic See them stand to clap their hands to hear my music One more mile, we rested awhile and sipped on some Bordeaux While we's grooving, a fog was moving in on the bayou On my knee, just couldn't see the front of my pirough We didn't mind, we just reclined and sipped some more Bordeaux Ay-ay, Jean, I missed the show up on the plateau Si vous plait, push my pirough back up the bayou No see the band, no see the stand, no see the light show Ahh, Jean, we had a show out on the bayou