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Eyes of Man (Berry Chuck)

A many a man has built his own temple Shown to convey his grace and skill Having red domes and pillars and arches All fashioned to fit his will When other men observe its beauty They stand and see and sigh and say Great is your work, oh yes, oh builder Your fame shall never fade away Those who do not know And do not know that they do not know Are foolish, avoid them Then there is woman, a builder of nations Laden with labor, love and care They place each pillar with pride and patience Pops every plan she'll pose to a prayer Those who do not know And know that they do not know Are children, adopt them But few men will praise her cause and omen Some may not even understand Most of the struggle borne by woman Is seldomly held in the eyes of man Those who know And do not know that they know They're asleep, awake them So be the temples men have cherished Crumbled in ruins to rot and rust No lies each pillar and arch to perish Doomed to decay and rot to dust Oh but those who know And know that they know Are of wisdom, appreciate them Oh but the temples created in woman Never have failed in statue and goal Deep in her heart she fills her temple In her own child's immortal soul