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Festival (Berry Chuck)

Havin' a nationwide festival for fourteen days and nights Ah, there's fifty four bands on a river boat spot in the lights Hundred of bands and tents all on the banks of the Ohio Bandstands floatin' from Paducah to Cairo Be over a million freaks there diggin' the sights There's so many beautiful people there to love and cheer Some of the greatest guitar playin' in the western hemisphere Got the Who, the Band from across the north border Canned Heat The Fifth Dimension, Creedence Clearwater Oh, brother Hendrix, sister Joplin, we wish you were here Early in the mornin' Johnny Cash and old Elvis got loose The Who, Vanilla Fudge and the Woolies start paying their dues All evening Ike Turner and Aretha right on the Drifters And the Coasters and the Loading Zone All night Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters in a battlin' mood Oh, what a beautiful show, was sitting right up under the microphone Diggin' the Grateful Dead, Little Richard and the Rolling Stones Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin and the Everly Brothers Bad Bo Diddley and the Beatles and some others Everybody's laying back and freaking out all week long