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Good Looking Woman (Berry Chuck)

Well, you're a good looking woman Any man would go for you You got everything you need, darling Yeah, you know how to use it too If you let me be your love one I'll do anything you wish me to do I'd be true to you, baby And I would not mess around You make me so happy, darling Take you anyplace in town Yes, I belong to you alone Until you put me down I'm gonna try for your love, baby In ev'ry way I know how I'm gonna tweet, tweet, tweet Gobble, gobble or meow, meow I'll even quack, quack, quack or moo, moo Or bow, wow, wow, wow Yeah, I'm hung up on you, baby You're a fox and I ain't lying Ooh, the things I'll do for you Let me love you, I'll blow your mind Till that satisfaction comes I'll be stone lie steady trying