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Havana Moon (Berry Chuck)

Havana moon, Havana moon Me all alone with jug of rum Me stand and wait for boat to come It's long the night, it's quiet the dock The boat she late since 12 o'clock Me watch the tide easin' in Is low the moon, but high the wind Havana moon, Havana moon Me all alone, me open the rum It's long the wait for boat to come American girl come back to me We'll sail away across the sea We'll dock in New York, the buildings high We'll find a home up in the sky Havana moon, Havana moon Me still alone, me sip on the rum Me wonder where the boat she come To bring me love, ow! Sweet little thing She rock and roll, she dance and sing She hold me tight, she touch me lips Me eyes they close, me heart she flip Havana moon, Havana moon But still alone, me drinkin' the rum Begin to think the boat no come American girl, she tell a lie She say till then, she mean goodbye Havana moon, Havana moon Me lay down alone, was good the rum Me fall asleep, the boat she come The girl she look till come the dawn She weep and cry, "Return for home" The whistle blow, me open me eyes Was bright the sun, was blue the sky Me grab me shoes, me jump and run Me see the boat head for horizon Havana moon, is gone the rum The boat she sail, me love she gone Havana moon, Havana moon