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If I Were (Berry Chuck)

If I were a pendulum swing and you were the bird in the cuckoo clock Ev'ry time you cucko-cooed I would double tick another tick tock I'd double my swing ev'ry time you'd sing we'd make good time with each other Oh, but that would be just so much fun cooin' and swingin' together If I were a little bitty boy and I had just a little bit o' credit I would make a loan for an ice cream cone and I'd go right away and get it You would lick a little and I would lick a little, we surely could lick with each other Oh, but that would be just so much fun, eating it all together And if I were a little honey bee and you were a little butterfly I would be waiting at the garden gate until you came fluttering by Maybe you'd stop on a red rose top and then we could talk to each other Oh, but we cou'd flutter up so much fun being in the garden together But I'm just an ordinary guy and I love all the things you do You seem such a talented, beautiful girl and I'm afraid to even talk to you If I were as bold like some guys, hearin' them talk to each other I'd come over and ask you if we could go out together But if you were a Mercedes-Benz, I'd have to be a Fleetwood Brougham And ev'ry time I saw you rollin' on the freeway I think I'd have to follow you home You could let me lodge in your double garage, bumper to bumper out of the weather Nobody home but the Benz and the Brougham, really rarin' to roll off together