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It's Too Dark There (Berry Chuck)

I went to pick this little girl up I met last night She's ready, waitin' for me under the front porch light She said, "Ain't it dark out there, ooh, it's so dark out there I hope your car got bright lights, ooh, it's so dark out there" We went to a house party, it was really outta sight It was about forty people dancin' under one dim light "Ain't it dark in there, ooh, it's too dark in there Will you take me somewhere else, darlin', 'cause it's too dark in there" So I drove her out the freeway into the country air She said, "I hope you ain't gonna park around here nowhere It's too dark out there, so dark out there Let's go back into town and do something 'cause it's too dark out there" So I asked her just where she had in mind to go She said, "Maybe to a scary movie picture show" I said, "It's too dark in there" I said, "It's too dark in there I've seen that movie before, baby, it's too dark in there" So it was nothing left for me to do but take her back home 'Twas no one there, the lights was out and the fuse was blown And it was dark in there, yes, it was dark in there And we finally got the fuse in Ooh, it was dark in there