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Move It (Berry Chuck)

Fifty-five Ford died right on the road Drove for the curb, raised up the hood Couldn't see nothing wrong, line o' cars long Traffic bogged down, tryin' to drive around Officer Lamar, walkin' toward the car: "Move it!", "Come along move it", "You cannot stop it here, now move it", "Move it" "Get out of there, move it" Three and two the count, bases loaded down Slugger at the plate, known to hit 'em straight Tension from the fans, shoutin' in the stands Signal from the catch, pitcher's in the stretch Bat 'n' ball crack, pitcher's backin' back: "Move it!", "Move it!", "Get along, move it!" "The ball is droppin' past, now" "Move it!" "Let the ball, now, let's go home, now, move it!" She drives a Mustang, she lets her hair hang She dresses like a fish, makes you look and wish Puts you in a trance, body built to dance Disco queen, twistin' in between Play a super song, watch her get it on Pretty, wow! "Get hip, move it!" "Move it"