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My Woman (Berry Chuck)

Last night as I lay me down in bed Over and over I heard the last words my woman said Take me with you, I'm so lonesome But I choose to leave instead Yesterday, she came to me and held my hand Said she was blue and oh so lonesome And would I try to understand I didn't know till this morning How much my woman means to me This morning when I got home, she was not there I noticed her clothes were gone And a little note lay on my shelf Said as you read this, I love you still But I'll be gone, I don't know where Today I got the blues and I got 'em bad Last night as I lay sleeping My conscious will not go to rest Yesterday I lost the best woman I ever had One of these days, can't say where and I don't know when It may be in time, it may be soon It may be in a place I've never been But I'm gonna find that fine woman And together with her again