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Oh Louisiana (Berry Chuck)

Oh, Louisiana, I stayed away from you too long Oh, Louisiana, how can a true love go so wrong ? She put me in shame and in sorrow and I come home tomorrow Oh, Louisiana Oh, Louisiana, yea, yea, Creole baby, Cajun queens Quaint porches and windows, filet de gumbo, the Basin beans Your beautiful Delta and bayous in greens Oh, Louisiana Oh, Louisiana, yea-e-e, yea, I'm flyin' on Delta Nine-o-three Right over St. Louis, high over Memphis, Tennessee On southward to the sea, where I long to be Oh, Louisiana Oh, o, Louisiana, yea, yea, them Yankee nights are cold and long Oh, Louisiana, she broke my heart and wrecked my home She shamed me in sorrow, to face my tomorrow Oh, take me back, oh, Louisiana