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Soul Rockin' (Berry Chuck)

Moving out to California, I've been living in Missouri too long When the sun sets tomorrow your soul rocking love'll be gone And I really doubt that I'll be back because I'm taking everything that I own Bright lights, big city, I am ready, ready, ready for you Bye-bye, Alma Mater, I've got to see what I can do Just tell the folks back home I'm on a soul rocking rendezvous No more yak-a-ty yak-a-ty, farewell, my best to you You know you kept on teasing me just to see what I would do Now, I've got a soul rocker baby, see if you can get yourself one, too Oh, soul rocking, baby, you know you make my head act up Oh, send me, send me, deliver me into your world Let me loose, let me live, let me love a soul rocking girl