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Capital Radio Two (The Clash)

Yes, it's time for The Doctor Goebbels Show! There's a tower in the heart of London With a radio station right at the top But they don't make the city beat They're making all the action stop A long time ago there was pirates Beaming waves from the sea But now all the stations are silent 'Cause they ain't got a government license If you wanna tell your problems Phone in from your bedsit room! Having trouble with your partner? Let us all in on the news! If you wanna hear a record Well get the word from Aiden Day He picks all the hits to play To keep you in your place all day Capital Radio Capital Radio Capital Radio Capital Radio Hey, hey you guys! Come on! Jonesy? Yeah, what? Hey listen, I've been thinking We'll never get on the radio like this! You know that? Now, I've been studying the charts Using my mind and my imagination I can see it all now! The drummer's in the box office, and he's counting all the money! Yes! You guys know just what to do! Are you all ready? All right, on the count of four: Four! Hey! Yes that's got it! Move it up! Wow! Pure gold! Hey! Yeah get that DJ on the line! Ow! Have you seen me dance? I'm the one that I want! On fire! Slow me down! Slow me down! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!