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If Music Could Talk (The Clash)

[Left Channel] Make sure! Taking cover in the bunker tonight Waiting for Bo Diddley's headlights I feel alright Gotta Fender Stratosphere I can do anything tonight It's in neon lights an' global rights Frank? He's on the phone There ain't no German girl outside But who cares when its warm inside? With music Special mystery of music tragically Exchanging slaves for majesties Modern waves of tragedy Packing a to pience colt pair of shoots A shiny grey mexican suit The blue eyed traffic can sashay by 'Cos tonight the sailor boys have hit Shanghai The kick-out traffic goes creaking by I smash my glass and shout shanghi My drummer friend comes shooting by He said Errol Flynn will never die Oh no! Who am I to question why? And are you lonesome tonight And do ya need a country cowboy Who's just thin and tight in those Brrrr bus depot jeans With a squirt resistant stud stud Hey stoner Get over there in the spliffbunker one Becos London Bridge was sold somehow But it was too old anyhow When Uncle Sam has broken down We'll make him down in old Japan Say yeee Well there ain't no better blend Than Joe Ely and his Texas Men Where the wind blows I ain't seen none like that scenery You can see from a bus if you pay the price Wave my arms around Flag one of those taxi's maybe I saw a girl somewhere somehow Forever sticks in my mind somehow I've just got three lines And a pair of two's Like a lucky roll of dice that you You cast [Right Channel] If music could talk! Which means Whatever your mind can bring Likethe apple fell off the tree Pah! Fell right on his head Yeah many years ago There was a man who said I am a shaman A voodoo shaman Got in trouble so he's going out Mixing up and Haiti! Oh! And the crickets Buddy Holly said it was Brrr Brrr yiii! If music could talk you know I feel kinda lonely Standing out on the floor Of Electric Ladyland... Cos this is a good question Samson Are you partly Arabic? Chi man! Whatcho all about I don't want to I can't hope to Say it all in one go Occasionally once or twice A day I feel alive enough to say Let's hear what the drummerman's Got to say about He said is it Errol Flynn's birthday or not? Sept 12 until October If they pack 2 piece Colt pair of shoots We got the shiny grey Mexican suits I'm just wasting a great big Corporation and the entire fund The girders of Wall Street And thetemples of money And the high priests Of the expense account And Im wasting the whole thing I come down in Yamaha-ha They make the best pianos-time to step-up