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Jimmy Jazz (The Clash)

A D7 The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz F#mi D I said, he ain't here, but he sure went past A E A D A E A Oh, you're looking for Jimmy Jazz Sattamassagana for Jimmy Dread Cut off his ears and chop off his head Police came looking for Jimmy Jazz So if you're gonna take a message 'cross this town Maybe put it down somewhere over the other side See it gets to Jimmy Jazz Don't you bother me, not anymore I can't take this tale, oh, no more It's all around, Jimmy Jazz J- a- zee zee J- a- zed zed J- a- zed zed Jimmy Jazz And then it sucks, he said, suck that! So go look all around, you can try your luck, brother And see what you found But I guarantee that it ain't your day Chop! Chop!