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Junkie Slip (The Clash)

I wasn't going that far The junkie slip! I said I wasn't doin' it The junkie slip! Yea thought I'd find a rhythm in the junkie town Thought I'd find a rhythm when the junkies hang around Thought I'd go out walking to the junkie kind of beat Setting on those bars that the junkies meet The junkie slip! Nail it down The junkie slip! This side of town The junkie slip! And whatcha knowing before you's a doin The things they's a-knowing You pawn your coat and your car Pawned your cigar and your old guitar You pawned your guitar and your saxaphone You're pawning everything in your mother's home Cos it's a junkie slip! Just like rock n' roll A junkie slip! Like Johnnny did the stroll And you know it feels alright But what's that feeling on a Saturday night? You're itching itching itching in your pillow in the day You're itching itching itching and you gave your coat away Itching itching itching and then in your sleeping bag There's a little packet that youthought you never had It's a junkie slip! Every night Junkie slip! Cold water fright It's a junkie slip And an old spoon cooky cooky cooky kooky afternoon All afternoon and in the middle of the night You're worse for the difference and it don't sleep tight Don't pull the curtains fon't put on the light C-c-c-cos it's a junkie slip! What's goin' on? Was early night I lit the fire Finish alright Yeh Edi-Edi-Edi-Yeh Edi-Juan Him going to live with indian Come in the car, it's an old machine Riding from Brookway on a magazine Be on that corner with a magazine Do ya do ya do ya follow your friends? Do I hear you saying that you're going back again? It's a junkie slip! Where? Did it end? But did it ah did it did it ever end? When did it ever end? Don't ask me when on a Wednesday night Don't ask me when on a Thrusday night I said oh? Who the hell are you? You said oh! Well you met me I said I can guess why