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Last Gang in Town (The Clash)

Everybody's looking for last gang in town You better watch out for they're all comin' around The sport of today is exciting The in crowd are into infighting When some punk sees some rock-olla It's rock and roll all over In every street and every station Kids fight like different nations And it's brawn against brain And it's knife against chain But it's all young blood Flowing down the drain The Crops hit the Stiffs An' the Spikes whipped the Quiffs They're all looking 'round For the last gang in town Meanwhile down in black town Those old soul rebels are haingin' around An' when some punk come alooking for sound Rastaferi goes to ground The white heart flipped his pocket dipped 'Cos a black sharp knife never slips And they never say to one antoher That tomorrow we might kill our brothers Down from the edge of London The rockabily rebels came From another edge of London Skinhead gangs call out their name But not the Zydeco kids From the high rise Though they can't be recognized When you hear a cajun fiddle Then you're nearly in the middle Of the last gang in town