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Let's Go Crazy (The Clash)

Summon up the mas! Play on the pan! Staring dreads are jerking their locks As the white star liner sank in the docks But on the drummers face, there is a look of dread As he drums away 400 years of dread The dancer man-in the power of mas Is smoking ti the mighty sparrow's blast But you better be careful You still got to watch yourself You wanna be crazy So you wanna go crazy Let's go crazy So you wanna be crazy Then let's go crazy Let's go crazy The lawful force are here of course For special offenders for the special court But the young men know when the sun has set Darkness comes to settle the debt Owed by a year of S.U.S. and suspect Indiscriminate use of the power of arrest They're waiting for the sun to set The mighty observer who keeps his cabinets hot A great meeting of rhythm and face A humming of values and a children's place But the sticks man gives the copper good excuse To shut off the ganja and control the juice To control the juice So you wanna go crazy? Then let's go crazy So take it on crazy! So they get all crazy Bricks and bottles corrugated iron Shields and helmets carnival time 'N moa ambassa, sledgehammer sound Ray symbolic from jamdown town