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Radio Clash (The Clash)

This is Radio Clash Stealing all transmissions Beaming from the mountaintop Using aural ammunition With extreme prejudice On a terminator mission This is Radio Clash Consider your position Step it up, get down low Breaking news flash Assassination The whole country has been shot Evil will abate In Revelation In the Ministry of Whitewash Wait, wait Don't switch off the death Yes, we have the latest score Rebel Islanders: 101 and Home Yard: 44 This is Radio Clash And we count your thoughts When lightning splits the sky in half Sharper than a sword And in the thundercloud You see another cloud Bones as big as sticks Even angels were in hell on the morning of the sixth Like buckets of venom in (????) They've got a master plan Human wars over there And we'll come and knock 'em down And he reaches the other side first Gets a job in the dirty old town And he reaches the other side first Gets a job in the dirty old town This is not free This is not free Europe No, no, no, no, no Nor an armed force network This is Radio Clash Stealing all transmission Beaming from the mountaintop Aural ammunition A riggy diggy dig dang dang This is Radio Clash Stealing information By his will as a (???) Use careful confirmation Bribery, extortion Legal legislation Security is life indeed Accept no other explanation This is Radio Clash On pirate satellite Orbiting your living room Everybody hold on tight