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Remote Control (The Clash)

Who needs remote control From the Civic Hall Push a button Activate You gotta work an' you're late It's so grey in London town With a panda car crawling around Here it comes Eleven o'clock Where can we go now? Can't make a noise Can't get no gear Can't make no money Can't get outta here Big business it don't like you It don't like the things you do You got no money So you got no power They think you're useless An' so you are - puuuuuuunnnnnk! They had a meeting in Mayfair They got you down an' They wanna keep you there It makes them worried Their bank accounts That's all that matters And you don't count Can't make no progress Can't get ahead Can't stop the regress Don't wanna be dead Look out' those rules and regulations Who needs the Parliament Sitting making laws all day They're all fat and old Queuing for the House of Lords Repression - gonna start on Tuesday Repression - gonna be a Dalek Repression - I am a robot Repression - I obey