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The Equaliser (The Clash)

No! Gangboss no! We don't want the whip! As you get weaker - it will get harder So don't be like him Keep your bones of effort and strngth Don't sell them to him We don't want no gangboss We want to equalize To my fathers fathers fathers father Work was no joy When his son had grown of age You got to work now boy Never ceasing for many years Want to follow that boy? Till half and half is equalized Put down the tools See the car see the house See the fabulous jewels See the world you have built it with shoulders of iron See the world but it is not yours say the stealers of Zion Geneva Wall Street Who makes them so fat? Well well me an' you better think about that In overdrive whooo Till humanize is equalize Put down the tools Every face on every side Throw down the tools Stay at home Don't check with Rome paint strike on the door It's one to one the fight is on so don't go to war We don't need no gangboss We have to equalize