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The Magnificent Seven (The Clash)

Don't you ever stop Long enough to start Take your car out of that gear Don't you ever stop Long enough to start Get your car out of that gear Ring! Ring! It's 7:00 A.M.! Move y'self to go again Cold water in the face Brings you back to this awful place Knuckle merchants and you bankers, too Must get up an' learn those rules Weather man and the crazy chief One says sun and one says sleet A.M., the F.M. the P.M. too Churning out that boogaloo Gets you up and gets you out But how long can you keep it up? Gimme Honda, Gimme Sony So cheap and real phony Hong Kong dollars and Indian cents English pounds and Eskimo pence You lot! What? Don't stop! Give it all you got! You lot! What? Don't stop! Yeah! Working for a rise, better my station Take my baby to sophistication She's seen the ads, she thinks it's nice Better work hard - I seen the price Never mind that it's time for the bus We got to work - an' you're one of us Clocks go slow in a place of work Minutes drag and the hours jerk "When can I tell 'em wot I do? In a second, maaan...oright Chuck!" Wave bub-bub-bub-bye to the boss It's our profit, it's his loss But anyway lunch bells ring Take one hour and do your thanng! Cheeesboiger! What do we have for entertainment? Cops kickin' Gypsies on the pavement Now the news - snap to attention! The lunar landing of the dentist convention Italian mobster shoots a lobster Seafood restaurant gets out of hand A car in the fridge Or a fridge in the car? Like cowboys do - in T.V. land You lot! What? Don't stop. Huh? So get back to work an' sweat some more The sun will sink an' we'll get out the door It's no good for man to work in cages Hits the town, he drinks his wages You're frettin', you're sweatin' But did you notice you ain't gettin'? Don't you ever stop long enough to start? To take your car outta that gear Don't you ever stop long enough to start? To get your car outta that gear Karlo Marx and Fredrich Engels Came to the checkout at the 7-11 Marx was skint - but he had sense Engels lent him the necessary pence What have we got? Yeh-o, magnificence!! Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi Went to the park to check on the game But they was murdered by the other team Who went on to win 50-nil You can be true, you can be false You be given the same reward Socrates and Milhous Nixon Both went the same way - through the kitchen Plato the Greek or Rin Tin Tin Who's more famous to the billion millions? News Flash: Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Budgie Oooohh...bub-bye Magnificence!! FUCKING LONG, INNIT?