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The Fans (Alabama)

Before we ever made the headlines Or toured the concert halls We survived our share of bar rooms Stared at many motel walls The years in Carolina And all the one night stands What kept the fires a burnin' Back then, was you the fans We two stepped out to Texas Round and round the dance hall floors Played the fair in Minnesota I wish we could've played one more We hope you remember We're just the boys in the band And what keeps the fires a burnin' Is always, you the fans I wish this night could last forever Ah, but the show must go on And we'll take home the memories And we'll leave you with our songs It's been good to see ya'll Can we come back again? And again, and again What keeps the fires a burnin' In us, is you the fans As long as you remember The boys in the band We'll keep the fires a burnin' For all of you, our fans