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Deadwing (Porcupine Tree)

And something warm and soft just passed through here It took the precious things that I hold dearer It rifled through the grey and disappeared The creeping darkness makes the small hours clearer Like a cancer scare In the dentist's chair Sucking in the air Wire across the stair Kicking down the door At your local store With the world at war Voices through the floor Unexpected news Wearing high heeled shoes Blowing out the fuse Paying all your dues Deadwing lullaby Like a fracture tied It's a worthless lie To the public eye I don't take waifs and strays back home with me My bleeding heart does not extend to charity Yes I'd have to say I like my privacy And did you know you're on closed circuit TV? So smile at me And a dream you had Of your mum and dad On a beach somewhere And the poison air With the cancer threat In a cigarette Deadwing lullaby Find a place to hide And from the yellow windows of the last train A spectre from the next life breathes his fog on the pane I look with you into the speeding black rain Afraid to touch someone, afraid to ask her for her name And in the morning when I find I have lost you I throw a window open wide and step through