Drown With Me (Porcupine Tree)

Hsus4 F#m G6 Cmaj7 F#7sus4 (3x) Hsus4 F#m So you have been of use G6 Cmaj7 F#7sus4 And you have been abused You know you look pale today Your lipstick has gone astray Hsus4 F#m You sold out and lost your looks G6 You gave away all your books Cmaj7 F#7sus4 (You should drown with me) Your coil has been wound up tight Unwind it with me tonight (You should drown with me) E C/G Tyre tracks G D Fresh on the ground A Where she will be found C/G F#7sus4 Held under the water Resting there in a stream View from the cold water Buried in green Orange filter sky Your drowning in family there When will you come up for air (You should drown with me) Don't feel you let 'em down Cos they have already drowned (You should drown with me)