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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Nine Cats (Porcupine Tree)

Am D The butterfly sailed on the breeze Fmaj7 E Past a field of barbed wire trees Am D Where golden dragons chased around Fmaj7 E Pampered poppies on the ground C Am Fmaj7 Two silver trout sat way on high C G Am Fmaj And watched a royal samurai C Am Fmaj7 Plant two black orchids in a box C G Am Fmaj7 And strap it to a laughing fox Am D A minstrel bought a crooked spoon Am D He gave it to a blue baboon Am D Who filled it full of virgin snow Fmaj7 G Am And watched it in the afterglow Fat toad stood in his ballet shoes Teaching sixteen kangaroos How to skip across a lake They found it hard to stay awake A pharaoh played a merry tune And watched nine cats dance on the moon I didn't know what all this meant I didn't know why I'd been sent. I threw 5 clocks down on my bed The chimes danced out on golden threads And turned to footprints on my wall Sequined tears began to fall