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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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The Nostalgia Factory (Porcupine Tree)

A Caterpillar crawled to me one day and said "Oh what the hell goes on inside your swollen head? I don't believe that you can see as much as I Now close your eyes and tell me what do you say?" "I watched nine cats dance on the moon A flamingo stalked into my room It bowed its head to me and knelt To reveal the cards it had dealt An ace, three jacks, two queens, four kings Then turned them into burning rings The flames jumped out and chased four mice Caught by their tails they turned to ice A cloud appeared outside my door And through the window saw four more And on the back of each cloud sat Two rainbow smiles in wizard's hats They threw five clocks down on my bed The chimes danced out on golden threads And turned to footprints on my wall Sequined tears began to fall" The caterpillar gasped at me and said "My god if that's what's going on inside your head You can see so much more than I I think it's time to turn into a butterfly."