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Chatting Today (Thin Lizzy)

I worked for the union and on my very first communion, you know, It never ever, ever, ever worked out right So I spent the night sleepin' on the railway I worked for the foundry and man my mind it nearly drowned Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah It never, it could never work out right So I said "so long, amigo. good night" and slept on the railway The railway, there's no better way, ooh the railway And it's nice to talk to you today I worked for the miller, a very, very nice type of fell-a {fellow} But I could see that it was never gonna work out right So I split and spent the night sleeping on the railway I worked in the subway arc, oh yeah, yeah You know it never, no no never, no never no, ever no, worked out right So I said "so long" and spent the night on the railway The railway, give me a bottle of whiskey, ooh the railway Ooh, there's nothin' like the railway And I'd like to thank someone for mascara and good things that I done And for the time ya spent and the friendship begun And most of all starry nights on the railway Oh, I don't know no better way Than just, ooh, lyin' back an' drifting away I can hear it, I can hear it