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The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf Castle (Thin Lizzy)

The friendly ranger paused And scooping a bowl of beans Spreading them like stars Falling like justice on different scenes "I'm damned" "indeed, comrade" "I'm being bombed" And all the people's faces turned strawberry blonde By the morning gate the friendly ranger waits For the sun making sure it's not late "just in time" "no need to fear" "well, just in case" And all the people are happy for another year And in the evening shade he climbs upon the sun Getting it's glow He goes on Singing this song To feel the goodness glowing inside To walk down a street with my arms about your hips, side by side To play with a sad eyed child till he smiles To look at a starry sky at night, realize the miles To see the sun set behind the steeple Clontarf castle, no king, queen or knightly people A coal fire and it's pouring rain To wave goodbye to a very good friend, never meet again Little thoughts bring little memories of you to me