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With Love (Thin Lizzy)

It's a tedious existence laying your love on the line Resistance is useless she can leave at any time I must confess that in my quest I felt depressed and restless But this Casanova's roving days are over more or less With love She broke my heart and made me sad You foolish boy you lost what you had My Mademoiselle I must make my farewell You see Senor I know she don't want me no more I'd like to make that Fraulein mine, mein Fraulein So I'll depart sweetheart and leave you with this line With love She says she won't be back no more With love She says she's leaving for sure My Mademoiselle I'll say farewell No matter where you are, Au Revoir 'Til we meet again, Auf Wiedersehn She wrote it on a letter But it didn't make him feel any better With love She says goodbye, adios, farewell There are those who will spend a lifetime of leisure 'Til the leisure finally takes control And they'll spend their life in search of pleasure Never knowing the treasure that they own There are those who will spend a lifetime in hard labor 'Til the labor breaks both body and soul And they will learn to love their neighbor And be assured of what they own