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1983 (Neon Trees)

C C F G C 1. I've been here lookin' dynamite F G Alone against the wall C Girls like you give it all so cold F G Talkin' cheap in a bathroom stall C Look so smooth better tell me the truth F G Would you trade me out for someone cool? C F I know you better than you do so put out your cigarette G C Kiss me on the lips tonight C F R: Me and you, you and me G Let's go back F Let's go back C F 1983 is calling G F I've been on my knees and crawlin' C Back to you F G It's coming all back to me F 1983 C C F G 2. I've Got something that I've kept inside And the blood is on the blade You're there suckin' on a lollipop Like you haven't aged a day And it ain't so pretty when you're playin' cute When your Body's up against some fool Dm Does he feel it F G Cuz I feel it R: Me and you... Am F G The year I was born Am F G I won't be ignored Am F G So get your feet on the floor F G C I'm the only one are you afraid I still make you move