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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Voices In The Halls (Neon Trees)

I can taste your lemonade Bittersweet like every summer fling And keeping up with all your stories Talking to your ghost when I'm asleep No you're never really dead to me Maybe that's the mystery of us I use to think when you were gone I would still hear voices in the halls I could feel the red rain on me I can see you shaking when I kiss You still hit me like a buzz Seventeen and drunk enough to wish And you really got your hooks on me Maybe that's the punishment for love I still stay up late at night Trying to hear your voices in the halls In the halls In the halls In the halls You could hear me late at night Singing to the voices in the halls Every time we drive the coast Heading toward Las Vegas in your car? Playing on your broken speakers Me asleep and warm inside your arms No it's never like what it used to be Maybe it's just never really was But every night when I get home I can hear your voices in the halls Every night when I'm alone I can hear your voices in the halls